Caitlin dressed in all black, wearing red heart shaped glasses, laughing on a blue background.

Make Your Clients Swoon

With enchanting digital experiences

You’re an online service provider, course creator or community leader.

You’ve been riding the same jerry-rigged jalopy for years, and it’s gotten the job done. But you’re tired of patching the thing while you drive it. You want better systems that can attract and retain your best fit customers – because right now it’s a leaky sieve of missed opportunities and uncaptured revenue.

But you’re way past the point where you can finagle it all yourself.

What if I told you...

…we could design experiences that not only take work off your plate – they make your people feel wildly cared for?

Exceptional digital ecosystems that delight your clients and have them popping in your inbox with messages like this:

Caitlin wearing a black and white striped collared shirt, posing with her arms crossed on a yellow background.

Hey, I’m Caitlin!

And I’ll help turn your existing process into a high-converting, high-retention experience.

One where the content drips, the notifications send and the automations fire. All perfectly timed and effortless. Like a glorious Rube Goldberg machine that rolls out the red carpet – while you run the show.

Anybody can set up an email campaign or trigger a zap…

…but you’re looking for somebody who does it thoughtfully

A smart strategist that can navigate your big, beautiful ideas with agility and clarity. One who’s following the golden thread of your customer’s journey, reviewing and refining each delightful touchpoint until it’s *chef’s kiss*. Who can pull together all the pieces of the project puzzle and make them sing.

So let’s get to it!

Work With Me

Design Your Site

Your website is more than just a pretty face. Let’s design a polished, professional website that connects and converts - in a matter of weeks.

Build It Out

A-la-carte projects we can tack on to your existing ecosystem, like:
- Automated email campaigns
- Engagement worthy lead magnets
- On/Offboarding automations

Scale It Up

I’ll help you fully reimagine your digital spaces from the inside out, and assemble/manage the dream team that brings your shiny new plan to life.

Looking for something else? Let me know!

 I may have an amazing colleague or a behind-the-scenes offer that’s a perfect match. 

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