Caitlin, smiling.

With over a decade of experience...

I’ll set you up with a website & client booking system that looks darn good — and works together seamlessly.

Caitlin, smiling.

Some things to know about working with me:

Finding the right kind of support can be a headache – so I’m glad to be your one-stop shop for everything your website & client booking needs:

  • Ready for a new logo? Count me in!
  • Need help writing the copy for your website? I got you!
  • Looking to integrate a new email marketing system? On it!


And if we venture into territory where I think you’d be better served by someone else I’ll recommend some amazing colleagues and kindly pass the baton – or loop them in and manage them for you!

I’ll flex to what you’ve got or help choose the tech that’s best for you.

Some of my favorites are WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Convertkit, ActiveCampaign, Kajabi and Dubsado.

The way I work is structured, efficient and turns out slam dunk projects on a regular basis. 

It also includes room to explore and time for you to pause and reflect before giving feedback.

We’ll be co-creators on this journey, and you’ll get proactive involvement from me every step of the way.

Beyond work, I foster dogs with my husband, put together thrift store puzzles, and watch niche YouTube documentaries – and I hope that you have fun hobbies and favorite people to spend time with too. 

We’ll put together a project timeline that’s supportive of your capacity and doesn’t clutter up your calendar.

I’m a trans-inclusive feminist who believes love is love, black lives matter, neurodivergence is normal, all bodies are beautiful, and kindness is everything.

Know that a portion of the money you spend with me gets donated to causes that align with these values. If that doesn’t work for you, I strongly encourage you to look for another provider. 

Caitlin, arms crossed, smiling.

You need me if...

✅ You’ve grown, evolved, honed what you do.
But it’s not being showcased by your existing website and you need help capturing that magic. 

✅ You need a website that does more.
A beautiful website that nurtures leads, filters for best-fit clients, answers their questions, and gets them on your calendar – all by itself. 

✅ You ain’t got time for hand-holding.
You’re looking for an autonomous service provider who can handle the project efficiently, steer you around potholes and not make you think too hard.

Now let’s talk about YOU.

Tell me about your business, your goals, and the project on your plate. Schedule a discovery call and we’ll get acquainted!