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Ash Botanicals

Frictionless lead flow for a service provider

Together, we created:
  • New Squarespace Website
  • Custom code for extra flair
  • Integration with Flodesk & Calendly

A Streamlined Customer Journey

Ashly Sakata is a brilliant herbalist in Hawaii. When she pivoted her business from an ecommerce model to a service based one, she reached out for a new site to support the pivot. 

She needed help crafting the path her website visitors would take, from landing on her website and discovering her services to filling out an intake form and scheduling a consultation. 

Ashly’s creates experiences, helping people feel safe and comfortable as they explore herbal medicine – and we knew we wanted the website to mirror that. We crafted the user journey so visitors would feel supported and cared for as they explore their options. We also wanted it to catch her highly instagramable vibe – Ashly’s got style. (Shout out to Allie Cuozzo for the stellar brand design!)

“I receive compliments all of the time about how beautiful and professional my website looks!”

-Ashly Sakata

Prioritizing Connection

We had a lot to figure out about what tech we’d use to support this cushy user journey while remaining easy for Ashly to maintain. 

We played with presenting her offerings as “products” using Squarespace’s ecommerce features, but it felt like we were asking for too much too soon. Instead of putting out “pay me” vibes, we wanted to invite people to become co-creators of something spectacular. In the spirit of prioritizing connection, we nixed the e-commerce storefront and swapped the “Buy Now” buttons for “Customize This’, leading to a consultation call with Ashly. 

“Caitie’s ability to give comprehensive steps for my behind the scenes use of these platforms gives me the confidence I need to maintain the system moving forward. She’s the best cheerleader! Her personable, dedicated and grounded approach makes me feel at ease and ultimately keeps me pushing forward towards my goals.”

-Ashly Sakata
Headshot of Caitlin, smiling, wearing a striped collared shirt on a yellow background.

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