A laptop showing astonishingtimes.com, a tablet showing the comic, and a phone showing the mobile website.

Astonishing Times

A website that can be repurposed in just a few clicks.

Together, we created:
  • New Squarespace website
  • With custom code for extra flair
  • Integration with Mailchimp for email marketing

Built for Rotating Launches

Frank Barbieri is a writer in the comic book and video game industry. He’s worked for every major publisher in the US, boasts an international presence in France and Italy with his creator-owned work, and is currently preparing to launch Vol. 2 of Astonishing Times

Having an individual website for each of Frank’s comic book launches would be supportive of his marketing strategy – but the cost and labor involved in creating countless websites is prohibitive.

So we set out to design a one-page site that would…

  • Be subtle enough to blend with any of his future publications
  • Emit a consistent brand vibe, regardless of the featured comic
  • Be easy for a VA to repurpose in just a few clicks

“Working with Caitlin has been awesome! I got exactly what I wanted with very little work.”

-Frank Barbiere

An Adaptable Aesthetic

We started by creating an underlying aesthetic that could serve as a backdrop for all of Frank’s comics. It needed to be subtle, but not generic. Something with recognizable brand elements, yet understated enough to let the comic art shine.

Mix-and-Match Content Blocks

I made design choices that would be easy for an assistant to maintain and saved each section of the website as an individual content block so they could be easily mix-and-matched to create new pages.

VA-Friendly Tutorial Library

Lastly, we declared a process for repurposing the site and recorded it in a step-by-step video. This was saved in a library with a handful of additional tutorials to support future team members in working with the site.

Headshot of Caitlin, smiling, wearing a striped collared shirt on a yellow background.

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