Collage of the sales page and marketing collateral for

Cereus Financial

A Stress-free Service Launch

Together, we created:
  • A Wordpress landing page
  • Automations via Zapier
  • Easily printable marketing collateral

Designed, tried, and tested

David is a financial planner and owner of Cereus financial– a financial advising firm in New Jersey that focuses on college and retirement planning, investment management, and insurance.

David and I had already worked together to redesign his website, but he was preparing to launch a new service called “College Money Match”, and wanted to make sure everything was well situated underneath the hood before he went live. 

He came back to me wanting…

  • A landing page for the new product
  • Automated communications following sign up
  • Support in creating the minimum viable pieces needed for a successful beta run
  • A brand consistent flier (that he could print from home)

So we mapped out all the moving pieces, and got to work.  

“Caitlin completely revamped my website, providing me with a modern and visual appearance. She was very easy to work with and had a lot of great ideas to produce a great looking site.”

-David @ Cereus
Tryptych of 3 webpage designs from

Confidence boosting for him and like a fun puzzle for me

It was important to David that his call to action buttons were connected to automations that would make email communications and payment processing seamless– and that the Cereus Financial team received all the information they needed to input into their system as people signed up. 

We created a wordpress landing page to add onto his existing website and I finessed all the techy bits to make the experience smooth for the customer. Then we tied it all together with easy to use third party services to support the experience.

Lastly, we got him setup with a brand consistent flier for the launch that he could easily print from home and hand out in the wild once he went live.

Headshot of Caitlin, smiling, wearing a striped collared shirt on a yellow background.

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