A laptop showing www.collegeaware.com, surrounded by other device screens showing the accompanying marketing collateral

College Aware

A brochure style website with lead capture built right in

Together, we created:
  • New Squarespace website
  • Easy email marketing system
  • Printable marketing flier

Built with ease and simplicity in mind

Mark is a college prep advisor, partnering with students and parents as they navigate the world of college planning. He’s got a warm, reassuring presence that helps soothe the anxiety of it all, and he believes that finding the right college should be an opportunity to explore and grow, rather than a looming mountain to climb.

He needed support in creating a website that conveyed his easy-going personality, experience, and offerings in a way that would help him connect with potential clients

He came to me wanting:

  • A brochure style website with a blog and lead capture
  • Printable marketing collateral to support his “on the ground” efforts
  • An easy email marketing system with grab and go templates for newsletters 

More than anything, he needed something that was easy to use, easier to maintain– and was realistic for his tech skills and busy life. 

So we did just that.  

“Just as important for me as Caitlin’s fresh design was the time she took to understand my business and particular approach and to help me reflect that in the site.”

-Mark Babunovic
Triptych of 3 webpage designs from collegeaware.com

Everything he needed, in one place

In the name of ease, we chose Squarespace as his website platform. This gave Mark the ability to keep all the services he needed – website, blog, email marketing – under one roof. (And it’s the platform I’ve seen is easiest for my clients to self-maintain.)

We kept the design warm, simple, and easy to digest. We built in a subscribe form that could capture emails and connected a blog so Mark could publish articles and share them to his newsletter. I set him up with an easy-to-edit newsletter template that would make sending out email blasts hassle-free.

As part of his marketing strategy, Mark participates in high school fundraising events. We designed a matching flyer that could be printed at home, featuring a fabulous photo of him, a few bullet points about how he helps people, and a scannable QR code that makes it simple for people to visit his website.

The training he needed to succeed

Mark was fairly new to the backend of tech spaces, so we spent ample time making sure he felt comfortable editing his site and using his email marketing platform.

After showing him the ins and outs of his new Squarespace site, blog, and email marketing, I sent him off with a library of training videos he could refer back to at any time.

“The proof is in the pudding: since my website went live two months ago, it’s gotten universally enthusiastic feedback. Just as important for me as Caitlin’s fresh design was the time she took to understand my business and particular approach and to help me reflect that in the site. Add to this Caitlin’s patience and efficiency, and the initially daunting process of putting together a website turned into a great learning experience and marketing platform.”

-Mark Babunovic
Headshot of Caitlin, smiling, wearing a striped collared shirt on a yellow background.

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