Laptop showing Delighted's homepage and a mobile phone screen showing the accompanying handbook.

Delighted Podcast

A launch-ready marketing suite

Together, we created:
  • Logo & brand design
  • Wordpress landing page
  • Lead magnet, written & designed
  • Suite of social media graphics

Delighted is a 10 episode podcast miniseries for online business owners who want to craft delightful experiences for their customers, which I co hosted with the incredible Stacy Coyle of Workplace Lemonade.

While I don’t typically put personal projects in my portfolio, I loved this project so much (and am frankly so darn proud of it) that I’m shoutin’ it from the rooftops. 🤷

How we nailed “the look”

To showcase both our aesthetics, I plucked colors and fonts from each of our brands and married them into a new one:

An easy way to explore episodes

The landing page includes:

  • Bios for the hosts
  • An archive of all episodes
  • A downloadable freebie
  • A paid offer for listeners

Podcast pages get LONG – and folks are often looking for something specific when they land on the page. To help listeners out, I added anchor links so they can warp directly to their desired location.

A curated playbill

In the spirit of creating a delightful experience, we designed a downloadable handbook to accompany the miniseries. It includes an overview of each episode, links to the guests and any resources mentioned, bonus audio, and other fun extras.

While we collected emails for the purpose of delivering the handbook, we chose not to automatically subscribe folks to our email lists. With consent at the forefront, we invited folks to “choose their own adventure” and consciously select what their info would be used for.

Suite of social media graphics

To encourage guests to share the podcast, we created a “speaker hub” on Google Drive and filled it with personalized social media graphics and a FAQ guide to answer any questions.

When the podcast launched it was a pleasure to see our Instagram feeds light up with cohesive, on-brand graphics as guests shared and tagged us.

Designed with accessibility in mind.

From the branding to the landing page to the handbook and the graphics, each piece of this podcast was created with accessibility in mind. Some examples include:

  • Sufficient color contrast in the branding
  • Lovingly formatted transcripts for each episode
  • A mobile responsive handbook
  • Captioned reels for instagram

We launched the miniseries over a course of a month and enjoyed a few hundred downloads in that time. My instagram engagement went through the roof and traffic to my site tripled (with mostly new users)!

Curious about the pod? Click here to listen.

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