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Finding Mr. Height

A complete front-end overhaul

Together, we created:
  • A freshly branded Wordpress website
  • Automated nurture emails
  • Integration with ActiveCampaign, Flodesk & Hotjar

Ali Jackson is a dating coach and influencer in NYC. With over 186k followers on TikTok and a lead magnet that generates about 100 subscribers a month, she’s already built quite a content empire – and shows no signs of slowing down. 

She came to me with the complaints of: 

  1. Hitting the wall with her current WordPress theme.
  2. Being super annoyed with her email marketing provider.
  3. Her followers struggling to find what they’re looking for in her sea of content – whether it’s promo codes, a particularly relevant podcast episode, or her services.

“I’m so glad I had you by my side (or more accurately, way in front and leading the charge). Thank you, I’m SO happy with everything!”

-Ali Jackson

This project was a major overhaul, so we broke it into sections:

We started by mapping out her client and marketing systems. Then, with a detailed map of what we wanted to create, we moved into implementation.

Brand Design

Ali has a primary aesthetic for her brand and a secondary aesthetic for her podcast. We played with some fonts/colors/concepts, integrated some art by her fabulous friend Cindy Stayton, and came up with these two complimentary looks.

Ali was given a pack of logos so she’d always have the right file for her needs. (A logo that fits in a square space and looks good on a dark background? Check!)

Streamlining Services

Originally, there were 25 types of content a visitor could choose to engage with – too many for them to find their way around effectively. So we cut a few, condensed some others, and ultimately reduced the main offers down to 3 options – or “doors” – for visitors to choose from. This prevents decision fatigue and positions Ali as an authority who knows exactly what they need…it also cuts down on building and maintenance costs 😉

Mobile-First Web Design

We had to get creative with how to display Ali’s mountains of content in a way that would be really easy for people to navigate on their phones, which is where how most people view her website.

We leaned into elements that could be tapped or swiped for easy mobile interactions and used accordion menus to collapse particularly long pages.

And we were careful to not to change URLs that were already generating tons of traffic, like her IG and TikTok links pages.

Emails, Written & Automated

Ali has an amazing freebie (grab-and-go text scripts for all kinds of dating dilemmas) that generates serious list growth, but she wasn’t consistently reaching out to her subscribers.

We created a 3 piece nurture sequence so that subscribers would definitely hear from her, even if she falls off the marketing wagon.

This piece of the project included:

  • Brainstorming and writing the email content
  • Helping Ali choose an email marketing platform
  • Setting up / testing all the tech

And to make things easier for her team, I left them with stylish grab-and-go email templates.

Team Training

Ali is supported by a remote contractor team who help her with things like sending newsletters and uploading new podcasts. To make sure they were comfortable with the new tech, I hosted a live training session and created a video library of tutorials she could share with future contractors.

How we worked through the sticky stuff (and saved her $150/mo)

Ali chose ActiveCampaign as her email marketing provider. We set it up, tested it out, and everything looked awesome…until subscribers started reporting issues! ActiveCampaign support took days to respond to our inquiries, leaving us scrambling in the interim.

The lackluster support damaged our confidence in ActiveCampaign’s service, so we made a last minute call to swap to Flodesk. It meant redoing an entire leg of the project, which delayed our launch date – but it saved Ali about $150/month and left her with a system she felt comfortable maintaining. A worthy trade-off! 

“Your translated what I do into website form in a way I could not have conceptualized on my own. And from a tech perspective, it flows extremely well. You are the absolute BEST thank you!!!”

-Ali Jackson
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