Build Out Your Digital Systems

A-la-carte projects to tack on to your existing ecosystem.

You see potential to take your digital systems from meh to amazing, but you don’t have time to do the research, compare all the tools, or figure out what the f*ck a webhook is. 

That’s where I come in.

I help digital course creators, membership community leaders, and service providers to:

⭐Grow their email list with engagement-worthy lead magnets

⭐Make sales from their emails

⭐Retain customers with exquisite experiences

⭐Choose & set up the perfect stack of digital platforms to run it all

There are providers like you, and then there’s you.

Caitlin dressed in black, on a blue background, smiling with her eyes looking off camera.

You’re a cut above the rest, and you want it to show. 

Let’s create silky smooth experiences that anticipate the needs of your audience and deliver exactly what they need at exactly the right times. No more clunky systems or default notifications. I’m talkin’ seamless systems that delight and surprise on your behalf, freeing you up to shine.

I can help with things like:

  • Writing and designing email & campaigns
  • Setting up On + Offboarding automations 
  • Content planning, creation, and repurposing
  • Launch campaign support 
  • Course design and content delivery

I work with:

And more.

(And more)

The Process

These are custom projects, tailored to exactly what you need. I can work with you to map out the plan and then run with the project from start to finish so that your back-burner growth projects get done

#1 Explore

First, we talk through your ideas, goals, and the technology options to get you there.

#2 Create

Then I help create each of the pieces needed to bring your system to life, from automations and integrations to copywriting and graphics.

#3 Connect

When it’s time to pull it all together, I set up and test your tech to make sure your new system is working beautifully.

#4 Train

I’ll train you / your team to use your new systems – and provide documentation on how everything works – so you always own the keys to the castle.

Client Love

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Projects starting at $800