Collage of the quiz created for

Kyla Roma

How she saved “weeks of time” creating her quiz

Together, we created:
  • An engaging quiz lead magnet
  • Question map for the result pages
  • Copy for follow up emails

A fun lead magnet

Kyla Roma is a brilliant business coach and marketing strategist. As an openly neurodivergent person and parent to a kiddo with pediatric insomnia, she’s achieved the trifeca of being short on time, attention, and energy. 

She came to me with a half-done project she was struggling to bring to fruition: a fun, engaging quiz idea that would become a lead magnet on her website.

Kyla wanted to

  • Workshop through her ideas with an outside perspective
  • Make sure the questions map appropriately to the final result pages
  • Offload all the copywriting work

“Caitlin was a complete dream! She immediately understood my ideas, caught the most critical parts and expanded them into engaging, direct emails that needed almost no revisions.”

-Kyla Roma

The process was “fun, and faster” than expected

We started with a handful of questions to answer: How would the quiz calculate results – by giving a score, percentage, or category? What’s the quiz platform she chose (Interact) capable of? And what kind of genuine, immediate value could this quiz create for those who take it? 

We chipped away at the pile via “collab calls,” hopping on video to workshop through content together. Our first call was to review Kyla’s ideas, the second was to polish up the question/answer mapping, and the third was to brainstorm results content. Between calls, I’d take our drafts and bring them through to the finish line. 

How we worked through the sticky stuff:

I needed a way to collaborate with Kyla that wouldn’t jam up her already slim bandwidth. (Ever hire someone only to feel like you should’ve just done it yourself? Ew!)

I was able to lighten her load by:

  • Offering a communication format that worked for her
  • Establishing structure by setting milestone goals and goals for each call
  • Being solution-oriented and taking over the “thinking” work

“She’s a copywriter, marketer, strategist, and the technical VA I needed – all wrapped up in one person. She’s professional, straightforward, and knocked the project out of the park. Our project saved me weeks of time, and I’m absolutely rebooking. In 13 years of working with freelancers and online business owners, she’s absolutely one of the best people I’ve ever had the chance to work with. Hire her while you can!”

-Kyla Roma
Headshot of Caitlin, smiling, wearing a striped collared shirt on a yellow background.

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