Collage of the project management system created for

Organize With Lisa

Custom Back-End System

Together, we created:
  • Brand new tech stack and system design using Microsoft 365, Constant Contact, and Docusign
  • Automations using Zapier
  • Insanely supportive team training

Tailored to fit just right

Lisa Harris is a professional organizer in NJ. Her gentle, non-judgmental approach is a winning combination for busy, hardworking folks who need help reclaiming their living spaces.

She’s got an incredible team who can handle huge jobs – but she was outgrowing her pen-and-paper systems for keeping track of it all. 

She came to me wanting to:

  • Digitize her workflow (and quit carrying all these notebooks!)
  • Streamline collaboration with employees
  • Orchestrate jobs & track results on-the-go

Lisa had considered all-in-one solutions like Dubsado, but there was always something…missing. So we set out to create a system personal to her, nipping and tucking until it fit like a glove.

“Her process was methodical, carefully coordinated, and strategically mapped out. She checked in with me at each step ensuring I was comfortable with the progress.”

-Lisa Harris

The process was “carefully coordinated and strategically mapped out”

We started with a call to deep-dive on Lisa’s current struggles, map out every detail of her current process, and talk tech: Who would need to use this system? What other services might it need to connect to? What kind of tech was she already comfortable using? How does the professional organizer like to organize information?

We ended up connecting several platforms to create the perfect tech-stack for Lisa, which gives her the ability to add/subtract pieces as her business evolves over time. They’re all connected via Zapier automations, so it feels like a single humming machine.

After setting up the system we imported her past client information so she’d have a fresh start and everything all in one place. We came up with naming conventions to keep everything organized and searchable over time. And I sent video updates at each step so Lisa could visualize progress and thumbs up along the way. 

How we worked through the sticky stuff: Ensuring adoption

Going from pen-and-paper to digitized systems can feel like arriving in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language. Not only was this going to be a bottleneck for Lisa, but her entire team needed to make the transition for this to be successful. 

We did this by:

  • Training Lisa 1:1 in a series of short sessions (as opposed to one long one) so she could get extra support while bobbing-and-weaving among her other commitments. 
  • Training the team via an interactive mock project. They had to complete the actions that would be needed of them in the real world to confirm their competency with the new system.
  • Checking in with each team member individually to address any questions or issues.
  • Documenting everything in a video library and written manual they could refer back to. 

“Being tech-challenged, I really appreciated Caitlin’s patience and calm way she explained everything throughout the project. I highly recommend Caitlin and will definitely be working with her again!”

-Lisa Harris
Headshot of Caitlin, smiling, wearing a striped collared shirt on a yellow background.

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