Collage of webpage design and email marketing funnel for

Perfectly Kneaded

A complete digital experience

Together, we created:
  • A Wix website with self-serve booking
  • Automated client retention emails
  • A fluid booking system migration
  • Multimedia Training Manual

Elevating the brand

Perfectly Kneaded is a private bodywork studio based out of Glen Rock, NJ. Owner Ellen Levine nurtures a space that offers customized and personalized spa experiences that can be as relaxing or rehabilitative as her clients need– and her community loves it. 

She came to me wanting…

  • A new website with self serve booking and a lead capture  
  • Email automations to retain and nurture her clientele 
  • A hand to hold through a major booking system transition
  • Training for her team handled  

Ellen wanted fresh systems that would give her room to grow while reflecting the elevated nature of her brand and being wildly supportive to her team. We did a complete overhaul of how her clients experienced PK online.  

“I freaking love Caitlin. I’m transitioning booking systems and she takes all the chaos in my brain and handles it with such a sense of confidence and calm. She grounds me and brings me back to earth. Our time together is efficient, focused, and I always have 100% of her attention.”


This project was chunky, so we broke it down piece by piece

Wix Website with lead capture and self-serve booking

Perfectly Kneaded already had a strong brand and aesthetic, so I felt super confident in nailing the design for the site. I embedded self-serve booking with her new system, Boulevard, and we created a lead capture form that would allow Ellen and her team to easily and automatically collect emails.

Email automations & integration with her website

Once someone visited the website and dropped their email, we didn’t want to let that lead turn from hot to cold. I wrote, designed, and automated a 3 piece welcome sequence to warm up new subscribers and give them a new client discount to use towards their first session.

We also set up happy birthday, we miss you, and follow up emails that were automated to send to the right clients at the right times. The result was a completely hands off, done-for-you email marketing ecosystem.

Orientation Manual

To make sure her team felt fully supported adjusting to the new system, and that new employees could get up to speed in a snap– we re-created PK’s orientation manual with two key things in mind:

a) to be comprehensive enough that on-site training time would be significantly shortened
b) to include a juicy bank of training videos overviewing each facet of the new booking system

And to design it beautifully.

How we navigated a massive CRM migration

During the transition from Massagebook to Boulevard, Ellen had an assigned customer service rep to help with the information transfer and migration. Unfortunately, what they offered was pale in comparison to the level of support she needed for this project– so she tagged me in to save the day.

Ellen has over 2000 client profiles, 30+ services, a monthly membership program, a series of different packages, and a rotating list of discounts. Gift certificates and their balances needed to roll over, schedules and rooms had to be set up, and her shop had to be re-created in the new system.

I got to work sorting and situating all of the moving pieces until the puzzle was complete, and we made sure Ellen felt empowered navigating and using her new shiny system. 

Headshot of Caitlin, smiling, wearing a striped collared shirt on a yellow background.

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