A laptop showing the Pet Loss Community homepage, surrounded by other device screens showing the accompanying marketing collateral.

Pet Loss Community

A tiered membership space

Together, we created:
  • A Kajabi membership program
  • With giftable memberships & resubscribe campaigns
  • Graphic design for printable marketing materials

A Gathering Space for Grief Support

The Pet Loss Community – started by two veterinarians and a doctor of clinical psychology – offers a compassionate and empathetic space to share grief and honor beloved pets. 

The founders had outgrown their original Patreon space and needed better tech to support their fast-growing community. 

They came to me wanting to…

  • Find a platform that could handle thousands of members
  • Reduce the number of manual tasks involved with managing members and content
  • Solve the technical logistics of how to offer a free 1 month subscription to their partners
Screenshots of a gift card, website design, member dashboard, and marketing postcard that were created for client.

All the details, handled

PLC has 4 subscription tiers, each with a different cost, welcome email, and level of access to the internal content. The founders also wanted to set up giftable memberships and specific partnership offers – each needing their own landing page and specific rules around discounts and duration. A tech nightmare for some folks, but I revel in these details. 

I started by setting up a basic version of each tier – like framing out an empty room. After connecting and testing the flows, I went back and beautified the front-facing sales pages and internal membership spaces (shout out to VBerry Designs for the beautiful brand design), filled the “rooms” with content, polished up the email and notification copy throughout, and tested it all again. Each step was punctuated by video updates, where I’d walk the founders through so they could thumbs-up along the way. 

How we worked through the sticky stuff: Inaccurate info

A key reason we set this community up on Kajabi was for its ability to offer free trials without members needing to input a credit card – this was super important to the founders, and they contacted support personally to make sure this was possible.

We found out further into the project that there was a miscommunication: the info we received from that particular support agent wasn’t accurate. This was a major roadblock! Cue deflating balloon. 

I reached back out to support myself – having more intimate knowledge of the system – and was able to find an agent willing to troubleshoot live with me. After a lot of trial and error, we found a way to set up the desired feature. 

We wrapped the project with a training call so the founders could have a look around inside, and documented each piece of the system to support their team members in understanding how to maintain and work with it. 

Headshot of Caitlin, smiling, wearing a striped collared shirt on a yellow background.

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