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Meet Your Hosts: Stacy & Caitlin

Stacy Coyle is the Irish-accented Customer Journey & Buyer Experience Strategist behind Workplace Lemonade.

And Caitlin Teixeira is the web designer behind Caitie Means Business – helping you look fresh, book clients, wow & repeat.

Together they host Delighted – a 10 episode podcast miniseries for online business owners who want to craft delightful experiences for their customers.

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    Episode 1: Being a Good Guide

    With Stacy & Caitlin

    Meet your hosts, sample the episodes ahead, and learn how to be the Gandalf to your client’s Frodo – all while you prepare to embark on your own epic journey.

    Kelly Diels & Samantha Pollack Headshots

    Episode 2: Transparency

    With Samantha Pollack & Kelly Diels

    Break the “spell of scarcity” and support your clients in making conscious choices. Join us as we deconstruct our least favorite marketing & sales tactics – and learn a few better ones.

    Katie Lewis & Mina Nabinger Headshots

    Episode 3: Accessibility

    With Mina Nabinger & Katherine Lewis

    Get the scoop on accessibility widgets, bendy straws, and what life looks like when things aren’t accessible – and learn how to start removing barriers in your biz.

    Kelly Diels Headshot

    Episode 4: Support & Care

    With Kelly Diels

    Step into your customer’s shoes – what do they want in moments of confusion or doubt? Start cultivating a culture of trust, both inside your biz and out in the world. 

    Hillary Weiss Headshot

    Episode 5: Design

    With Hillary Weiss-Presswood

    Today we’re “cultivating the vibes” – and making sure those vibes continue post-purchase. Join us for the perils of generic copy, thoughtful gift boxes, love languages and more. 

    Erica Courdae Headshot

    Episode 6: DEI & Allyship

    With Erica Courdae

    Reconsider your normal and dive into imperfect allyship. We’re talkin “isms” – perfectionism, racism, classism – and creating congruence between your business + values.

    Alyea Sandovar Headshot

    Episode 7: Play

    With Alyea Sandovar

    Learn your play-style and brainstorm ideas to make your product or service more engaging – and more fun!

    Danbee Shin Headshot

    Episode 8: Global Inclusivity

    With Danbee Shin

    Get ideas for collaborating across continents, including folks from around the globe – and learn “The Timezone Dance” from our very own Stacy. 

    Sophie Bujold Headshot

    Episode 9: Community

    With Sophie Bujold

    What IS community? Why do we experience it in some contexts and not others? Explore community and connection in digital spaces – and how to cultivate it consciously.

    Caitlin & Stacy Coyle Headshots

    Episode 10: Takeaways

    With Stacy & Caitlin

    Revisit our favorite moments and get a refresher on key takeaways as we bid you ♪ adieu, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye

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    Customer Experience Mini Audit


    Send us a web page and we’ll send you back a ~15 minute video with specific advice to clarify the copy, clean up the design, sharpen the call to action, remove sign-up friction and add wow-factor post purchase (or opt in!)

    Mini Audit FAQ:

    Caitlin will audit one of your webpages – whether it’s for a product, service, or lead magnet. She’ll share specific, actionable steps you can take to clarify the copy, clean up the design, and sharpen the call to action so it’s absurdly east for clients to say “heck yeah.

    Stacy will audit one call to action of your choice on that webpage – up to 3 touch points deep. She’ll help you identify potential points of friction and opportunities for adding wow factor post purchase or post opt in.

    If you share a digital product/program, 3 touchpoints might look like: 

    • Checkout Page
    • Thank You Page
    • Welcome Email

    If you share a 1:1 offer, 3 touchpoints might look like:

    • Calendar Scheduler
    • Discovery Call Intake Form
    • Next Step Email

    In order to conduct this audit and give accurate feedback/advice we need to experience your buyer process like a buyer would.

    To facilitate this a 100% off coupon code or a $0 checkout must be provided if the audit is for a digital program or product.

    It’s completely understandable that having someone take a peek backend at a paid product is nerve wracking – especially if this is our first encounter. Rest assured that any access granted to your product will be used solely for the purpose of the audit.

    Thank you for trusting us with your customer experience!

    You’ll receive your personalized audit within 5 business days from the time of submission of the intake form. (Business days are Monday – Friday.)

    Feedback and recommendations will be provided via a private video sent to the email address used to purchase the mini audit.

    This audit is 100% private and no information will be shared with other parties. This includes anything you submit via the form and any feedback/recommendations given.

    🤍 Thanks for visiting!