Reimagine Your Customer Experiences

Strategy & implementation for high ticket programs and premium service providers.


You’ve been scaling up and up and up – but there are cracks in the foundation and they’re starting to show.

You’re embarrassed when clients report being fire-hosed by too many email notifications, and doubly as embarrassed when they receive none at all. Your systems have worked great up until now, but you’re tired of patching the plane while you fly it. You want to create thoughtful, supportive experiences – but how do you scale care?

You’re ready for a complete reimagining of your digital spaces

…so they deliver the experience your clients expect – and deserve.

But your team doesn’t have the bandwidth, vision, or skills to execute it, and you don’t want them learning as they go. 

You’re looking for that special someone who can imagine the entire journey from the moment a client comes through your door, and help you design an exceptional experience where each person is superbly serviced, their needs are anticipated, and the ball never drops.

I’m obsessed with streamlined digital experiences.

Caitlin wearing a black and white striped collared shirt, posing with her arms crossed on a blue background.

I love being backstage. Making sure the music crescendos, the spotlight cuts and the curtain drops – all right on time – so you’ve got the bandwidth to shine on stage and show up for the encore. 

I’m here to give you the freedom to show up fully for your clients because you trust the framework supporting this whole *thing* is on lock. You get to be the star of a seamless production where your team knows exactly what to do and your audience is never left in the dark.

Together we can create:

✔️ Automated systems imbued with delightful human touchpoints.

✔️ Elevated program containers where every invitation and confirmation message is aligned and on-brand.

✔️ Deeply supportive, frictionless communities where everyone feels valued and knows how to participate.

How it works


First, we explore what your vision could look like and how exactly we’d build it. We'll resolve any sticky stuff in advance, get hyper clear about the time/tech/talent/scope of work needed to make it all happen, and from there I can either hand over the roadmap to your team, or you can hire me for implementation.

and then

and then


With a detailed plan of what we want to create, we can dive into making it real. I’ll assemble and manage the dream team, pulling from a diverse pool of creative colleagues, and working alongside them to make the magic happen. (I'm happy to introduce you, so you know who’s working in your business!)

“Yes, I want this!”

Awesome! We begin with roadmapping, which looks like this:

#1 Share Your Vision

Between the detailed intake and guided interview, I’ll cultivate a deep understanding of your business landscape and zero in on the areas that need the most help.

#2 Explore Your Options

I’ll share several drafts of how things could work, provide video walkthroughs to support you in choosing your preferred path forward, and resolve any new question marks that arise along the way.

#3 Get Your Roadmap

You’ll receive a custom, nose-to-tail plan detailing the scope, talent, timeline, and tech needed to bring it all to life, with opportunities identified and pitfalls avoided.

#4 Review The Findings

We’ll walk through your roadmap and discuss any questions or concerns, and you’ll receive two rounds of revisions so we can really dial it in.

I work with:

And more.

(And more)

Client Love

Get Started

Roadmapping is $2800 and takes about 2 weeks


You’ve got Q’s, I’ve got A’s. And if your question isn’t answered here, feel free to contact me.

You bet! If you receive your roadmap and then choose to have your in-house team handle implementation, just let me know so I can hand over a more detailed version of instructions to streamline the transition.

If you already have a roadmap and just need me for implementation help, that works too!

While this is super custom and each project is different, you can generally expect to be pitched 3 ideas, and choose 1 to work through to fruition. If you’d like me to go back to the drawing board for more ideas, we can add another research round for an additional fee.

Sure! Whether I’m working with your in-house crew, collabing with your fave copywriter, or assembling the team from scratch, I’m happy to manage and work alongside them so you get a cohesive end result without having to play project manager.