Collage of the landing page design and email funnel for

Senior Dog Course

Electrifying launch emails

Together, we created:
  • A refreshed landing page for a new course
  • 3 piece nurture email series - written, designed, and sending
  • Integration with Convert Kit

Prepped, primed, and tested

Monica is a veterinarian who specializes in senior pet care. Her and her team support the parents of elderly pets, helping them navigate the array of issues that arise as they age.  

Monica was gearing up to launch a new course for pet parents wanting to go the extra mile for their aging companions.

She came to me wanting…

  • To tidy up the existing landing page for the course
  • A 3 piece email series to nurture waitlisted customers
  • Support in figuring out the tech, timing and flow

“Thanks for working so hard on this!! You’re the best!!


First, we cleaned up the landing page

The landing page for the course already existed, but it needed some TLC. So we cleaned up the design, making sure it was easy to both understand and sign up for.

This page was hosted on Wix – a platform I love, but that can look messy if not done right – so I kept the design simple and straightforward. The revised landing page was clean, spacious, on-brand, and (most importantly) CLEAR!

Then, we wrote the emails

The idea was that, after joining the waitlist, pet parents would be nurtured and primed for the course launch with a 3 piece email sequence.

Here’s a sample of email #1:

Subject: You are in! 🎉

Welcome, Senior Dog Parent of the Year! 🥇

Seriously, |FNAME|…not all pet parents are as dedicated as you. It’s clear you want to give your senior dog their best life yet, and we’re elated to help.

Even the most well intentioned guardians miss out on key opportunities to help their aging pets – but not you!

You’re on the waitlist for the Senior Dog Thrive Course.

That means…
✅ You get early access and a major discount on the course. (Mark your calendar for #/#/#!)
✅ Your dog will love you forever (just kidding, they already do!)

Before we were veterinarians, we were pet parents like you.

And when our dogs hit their senior years, we realized there were no resources or guides to help us navigate all the problems and issues that came up for them.

We vowed to change that.

We teach methods for senior dog care that are novel to even the most experienced dog owners (and some of our vet colleagues, too!)

And if you haven’t already met us, we’d love to introduce ourselves.

(Embed video of Monica + Lisa)

More goodies coming to your inbox soon,
Dr. Tarantino and Dr. Lippman

I helped brainstorm the content then wrote all 3 emails, designed them beautifully, and automated them to send.

Their subscriber list had several different segments, each needing slightly different messaging at different times – so we did plenty of testing to make sure everything dripped correctly.

How I handled a sticky human moment…

While working under the hood I made a whoopsie that required a prompt and proactive response.

I accidentally sent a very unfinished email to their entire email list. Yikes!

How I handled it: I immediately drafted a follow up email, infused with some levity (and my favorite Jennifer Lawrence gif), acknowledging what happened and taking full responsibility for the mistake.

I then reached out to the Senior Dog team letting them know what happened and sharing the draft. They approved it, and we sent it out immediately.

All in all, the sky did not fall. The swift and light response was appreciated, and we got back to work on what was ultimately a delightfully high converting and smooth course launch!

To put a bow on things, I hosted a live training session to help Monica learn the ins-and-outs of the new system, and sent her off with a series of short-and-sweet training videos for her to refer back to / share with other team members.

“Your final email with all the links and stuff is amazing!! 😍”

Headshot of Caitlin, smiling, wearing a striped collared shirt on a yellow background.

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