A triptych of a Dubsado proposal for Seven Seventeen Copywriting

Seven Seventeen Copywriting

An irresistible booking flow

Together, we created:
  • A beautiful proposal template in Dubsado
  • An automated contract and invoice
  • A seamless booking workflow

Make Onboarding Clients a Breeze

Lauryn is a creative copywriter and virtual assistant for women in wellness. She’s grown significantly in the past few years, and was looking for a fresh and elevated way to book her clients. 

She was spending too much time crafting custom proposals in Canva, manually editing every contract, and invoicing her clients – all through different channels. She craved a system where these 3 pieces of her booking process could all drip together, with a design that reflected her brand and style.

She came to me wanting…

  • An on-brand proposal in Dubsado that was easily editable
  • A workflow that would combine the proposal, contract, and invoice – all without the client needing to leave the page
  • Help clarifying her packages so they’d be easy-button purchases for her clients.

And she’s pumped about it:

”Caitie has saved me so much time, and taken my “I know what I’m doing” factor up by a 1000%. My clients feel so much more confident booking with me, and almost always say ‘Wow – that was smooth!’ Drop offs have gone down and bookings have skyrocketed.”

A triptych of a Dubsado proposal for Seven Seventeen Copywriting

Lauryn had an idea of what she wanted, but wasn’t sure how to get there.. 

We kicked things off with a call to feel into her needs for booking and accepting payments from clients. She expressed wanting her proposal, contract, and invoice to drip without her spending hours custom crafting everything in Canva and emailing them to her clients separately.

She had just signed up for Dubsado, a project management software with this capability, but couldn’t stand the thought of trying to set it all up herself. So I took her jumble of notes.. and created a process that makes her clients swoon.

Headshot of Caitlin, smiling, wearing a striped collared shirt on a yellow background.

Want a booking flow that’s 

smooth as buttah?