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Seven Seventeen Copywriting

Niched and nailing it

Together, we created:
  • Fresh brand design
  • New Wix Studio Website
  • Dubsado booking system

Attracting her perfect-fit clients 

Lauryn is a virtual assistant turned copywriter who’s finding her groove in the wellness industry.

She’s wildly passionate about holistic health and wellness, and was ready to take the leap and niche down her business to  support the people she connects with most. Bodyworkers, yoga studio owners, energy workers, holistic health specialists – that’s Lauryn’s ideal client roster. 

She came to me wanting…

  • To redefine her brand
  • To showcase the services she’s offering now 
  • A simple process for booking clients

And she’s pumped about it:

”I can’t believe how “me” this all feels! It’s so clear, earthy, and spacious! Freakin’ bullseye.”

-Lauryn Lyons
Triptych of 3 webpage designs for Seven Seventeen Copywriting

New brand, who dis?

Lauryn diy-ed her branding when she was just starting out, and was craving a fresh digital face to showcase her new business direction.

Her mood board was full of earthy tones, natural textures, and the place she called “her aesthetic to a tee” – Tulum, Mexico.

I took that and ran, and we turned out this:

Brand board showing the logo, color palette, fonts, and decorative elements for sevenseventeencopywriting.com

A website that wows

Using Wix Studio, I designed Lauryn a 3 page site that is airy, minimal, and easy to digest. I played with lighting and texture to add flavor – and even used Lauryn’s tattoo as a background component on her homepage.

I added in a subscribe form so she can collect emails, and sent her off with a series of tutorials so she feels comfortable making edits as needed.

Booking clients is a breeze 

Lauryn was spending too much time crafting custom proposals and manually editing every contract/invoice she sent out – each on a different platform. Her dream was to have everything drip together, with a design that reflected her new brand and style.

She uses Dubsado, a project management software with this capability, but couldn’t stand the thought of trying to set it all up herself. So I took her jumble of notes and turned it into a process that makes her clients swoon.

“Her process is silky smooth – she’s fun, ridiculously on it, thoughtful, and so freakin’ talented! She’ll blow your mind!”

-Lauryn Lyons
Headshot of Caitlin, smiling, wearing a striped collared shirt on a yellow background.

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