A laptop showing lisaannese.com, surrounded by other device screens showing the accompanying marketing collateral

The Divine Sound

A complete marketing suite

Together, we created:
  • Brand redesign
  • New Squarespace website
  • Welcome email- written, designed, and automated
  • Branded biz cards, social media templates, and video thumbnails

Lisa Annese is an author and the founder of The Divine Sound, – a healing studio in Wyckoff, New Jersey. Sound healing was new to me – but woah, the meditative music blew me away. Click here to listen

She came to me in anticipation of an upcoming book launch, wanting…

  • A website where people could schedule and pay for appointments with her
  • To advertise her book and find a digital home for the bonus resources book buyers would receive 
  • To better understand the peripheral services she might need, like branding and video editing, to make it all come together

“She understood what I needed, knew how to solve my issues, and the end result came out better than I ever thought it would.”

-Lisa Annese

This project was a big one, so we broke it into sections

We started by listing out all the puzzle pieces Lisa needed and mapping how they connect to each other. What sequence of events happens when a website visitor wants to book a class? What about if they buy her book? Then, with a detailed plan of what we wanted to accomplish, we moved into implementation.

Brand design & template pack

I brought Nayda from VBerry Designs in for this piece of the project, and collaborated with her to come up with Lisa’s final brand board. 

With the brand board in place, I created a series of editable templates for her marketing collateral – like social media icons, business cards, email signatures and video covers – so Lisa’s brand would look consistent across platforms. With editable templates, she’d be able to adapt them as her business evolves without having to invest in a whole new set. 

Collage of the branding and marketing colleateral created for lisaannese.com

Web design & scheduling

With the branding already done, the web design was pretty straightforward. But I did have fun creating airy backgrounds and integrating some gentle movement with video backgrounds, supporting Lisa’s glimmery, hopeful messaging.

We also integrated Acuity for scheduling, setting up all of her appointment types so clients would have an easy time finding what they need, checking out, and getting reminders.

Automated emails: written and sending

We integrated with Constant Contact – the platform Lisa was already familiar and comfortable with – and set up two marketing funnels:

  • one to promote her book
  • another inviting book buyers to join her community. 

I set up the integration, wrote the emails, designed the email templates and automated the sending of both.

How we worked through the sticky stuff: The video library

Lisa’s vision for her book included a companion video library, showing yoga poses and breathing exercises to go along with each chapter. 

She had already begun shooting the video footage, but needed help editing it into finished videos and assembling them into a library. The proposals she received from other providers seemed bloated in comparison to what she was looking for, but she wasn’t sure – so I offered to look over the proposals, translate the tech speak, and talk through the options with her. 

Ultimately, she asked me to take over this part of the project. I brought Scott Glazer in as a video editor, and co-created the video library with him. Together we:

  • Polished up the footage
  • Designed intro and outros for each video
  • Uploaded the final videos to her Youtube Channel, complete with descriptions.
  • Embedded the videos onto the library page of her website

Click here to sample one of the videos

“Caitlin made me feel so safe and supported. She created a beautiful masterpiece that perfectly depicts my purpose, passion and joy. I am blown away by her abilities to translate my vision into life”

-Lisa Annese
Headshot of Caitlin, smiling, wearing a striped collared shirt on a yellow background.

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