Design Your Site

And be seen as the stand-out professional you are.


Guided Experience

I’ve dialed in this process so you can glide right through the sticky stuff and into the end zone.

Superpowered Integrations

Hookups to the services that run your biz, like scheduling and email marketing.

Easy to Maintain

Built with easy editing in mind, so you don't have to hire help for minor updates.

You want THAT website.

The one that gets posted to Pinterest as #inspo. The one that makes your colleagues jealous, and gets your buyers ready to talk business.

You want a site that’s polished, professional and sets the stage so you can scale in the right direction. That finds the line between Generic Professional Robot™ and being so OuT-oF-tHe-BoX that it forfeits conversions. 

Let’s hit that sweet spot and show off everything you offer without overwhelming anyone. We’ll create something that clarifies what you do and why it’s awesome without sacrificing style.

That answers all of the right questions at just the right times, and gets visitors so confident in your abilities and professionalism that they can’t help but smack that “Contact” button.

And let’s do it in a matter of weeks.


I’m Caitlin!

I have over a decade of experience designing + producing streamlined websites that are user-friendly, easy to edit and steer customers towards the ultimate action: buying something from you.

My simple, supportive process makes building your dream website entirely painless – from choosing the right platform to writing your content, capturing “the look” and learning how to keep it updated.

There are plenty of touchpoints to make sure we’re steering in the right direction. Enough space to give you time to think and reflect. And in just 4 weeks you’ll be live – selling your stuff, making offers, and directing people to a website you can feel proud of.

Get the website everyone will talk about.

Whether it’s your first website or your fifth update, what you’ll get is a website that’s pretty and practical. Intelligently designed and easy to self-maintain with lead capture built right in. A site that’s ready for expanding upon with marketing funnels and integrated services when the time comes. 

I work with:

And more.

(And more)

How does it work?

#1 Prep

You’ll receive the Website Workbook, a step-by-step guide to mapping out, writing, and gathering all of the content for your site – from words to pictures to graphics

#2 Design

We’ll use your homepage as a playground to capture the vibe, then apply it to your other pages, hopping on “live design” calls to finesse the details.

#3 Connect

I’ll get to work integrating everything under the hood – like your scheduler & email marketing service – so your website starts working for you.

#4 Train

When it’s time to go live, you’ll get a personalized hands-on training session, a library of custom training tutorials, and a friend to celebrate with. 🎉

What's Included

I also offer a variety of add-on services – like logo design and legal templates – so you can dress this project up or down and get exactly what you’re looking for. You’ll see those options in your proposal. 😊

Get Started

Packages starting at $3300. WordPress $4600+


You’ve got Q’s, I’ve got A’s. And if you’re question isn’t answered here, feel free to contact me.

Ask me about one-page websites or website audits!

There’s a lot of website builders out there, and I can work with most of them! If I’m not the right fit, I’ll point you in the direction of someone who is.

You are responsible for your domain purchase, hosting fees, and the cost of any subscription services you choose to integrate your site with.

If you would like a WordPress website, you’ll also be responsible for maintaining an Elementor Pro license which is about $50/year.

Additionally, I offer a variety of add-on services so you can dress this project up or down and get exactly what you’re looking for. You’ll see those options in your proposal. Think copywriting, logo design, Privacy Policy, etc. 

I design with accessibility in mind but don’t specialize in this area. I have a lot to say about it – ask me and I’ll fill you in 🙂

I am not! I design and build websites using the native (aka built-in) features of your chosen platform, all of which you’ll be able to edit without needing to know code. If you have a specific vision that needs a developer’s touch, I can loop in one of the wonderful devs I work with on a regular basis. If I think your website vision requires dev support, I’ll flag it for discussion and support you in making informed choices. 

Absolutely! Between the live training and custom video tutorials, you (or your team) will have everything you need to maintain the site. 

I am a project-based provider and not available for hourly maintenance projects. With that being said, I know you might need help and won’t leave you hangin’! If you have a bunch of edits to make, we can bundle them up into a small project. I’m also happy to share my list of talented colleagues who are open to maintaining the sites I build. And remember, you’ll have training and tutorials so you can always DIY. You’ve got options!